Digital Stories LA works towards building a rich online archive of media-based documentation, capturing the expansive, diverse and ever-changing urban environment that is Los Angeles.

Using ideas of Digital Storytelling and DIY citizenship (Matt RattoKen Burns), the Critical Making Studio at Occidental College, Los Angeles provides individuals with state-of-the-art audio/video equipment to create immersive digital narratives of what it means to live in Los Angeles. Soundscapes, podcasts, photographs and videography comes together at Digital Stories LA, allowing technology to help us better understand the social, political and cultural realities of our city. Acknowledging the current climate in the Los Angeles greater area, digitalstoriesla is looking for urban experiences that symbolize change, demonstrate growth, and foreshadow the future LA is headed towards.

Most importantly, we want YOUR stories, YOUR narratives and YOUR experiences. As much as we love to place ourselves as third-party observers, a first-person perspective is key to the intimacy we aim to achieve in our documentation of Los Angeles. Email us at criticalmaking@oxy.edu and/or visit our studio in the academic commons basement, occidental college between 10 AM-3 PM, monday through friday, to rent equipment, contribute to digitalstoriesla and learn more.



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